Is the Internet or we isolating ourselves?

It cannot be deny that the Internet is one of the most important inventions over the world. With the development of the Internet, our life becomes more interesting that surrounded with new things and experiences appearing on a tiny screen of a computer, a table or a mobile phone. The Internet brings the convenient in connecting people in different places through social networks.

The Internet brings convinient and comfortable place for people (Reproduced from Salazar 2009).

The Internet brings convenient and comfortable place for people .

However, the Internet is ‘a double-edged sword’. The Internet has various harmful effects. With the advantages of the Internet, modern people use it anywhere, anytime, anyplace as they can. The Internet becomes our ‘real-life’. While, we become more rely on the Internet. We carry the ‘Internet devices’, such as mobile phone, tablet, along with us all the time. Anytime, we free or just in a little trouble then we use these devices to entertain or help us. When we enjoy our life, we want to capture all our memories to keep joyful time and share with everyone. When we are in troubles, the ‘amazing’ mobile phone will help us with recommendations on the network, such as Google. These are the first step of us in starting to ‘live’ our life on the Internet.

We started to make friends on social networks. We started to entertain on online game websites. We started to build our memories on the Internet. Some people even start their days and end their days with the Internet. I understand that we work and live in a world of digital communication technologies, where we communicate and interact almost based on the Internet. This brings the convenient for us.

However, by doing and finishing things so easily, I wonder whether you remember the feeling of being challenged. That’s amazing feeling. By connecting with people so easily, I wonder whether you remember the feeling of waiting somebody and then seeing their smiles, hearing their voices. I’m sure that it’s quite an interesting feeling. These feeling are easy come and also easy go because of the Internet. Nowadays, everyone has their own ‘light’ – the light from devices that reflects on their faces.

The girl focuses on her phone. (Reproducing from: Temple 2012)

The girl focuses on her phone.

Everyone stuck with their ‘online life’. They start to talk to each other with the eyes on the screen, instead of eyes contact to the other. They start to share their stories on social networks, instead of telling their feeling for their ‘real’ friends in the ‘real’ coffee stores.

The cold in a relationship because of the Internet in 'I Forgot My Phone' video (Adapting from: Charstarlene TV 2013).

The cold in a relationship because of the Internet in ‘I Forgot My Phone’ video ‘.

People become chilly to each other. We isolated ourselves with the ‘real’ world. These things broke our relationship, harmed our love between each other. Even more, it’s harm yourself and also your relatives. For example, in 2010, a little Korean girl ‘starved to death’ because her parents were busy to take care of their virtual child on the Internet.

The virtual child of the couple (Reproduced from: The Telegraph 2010).

The virtual child of the couple.

With an addiction of her parents, it causes the death of a beautiful girl. The Internet broke their little family. I’m also one of them. I admit that I have an addiction to the Internet. I remember the laughs and noisy voice of my friends and their crazy facial expression. Now, only I and the ‘cold’ screen are talking together. The Internet built our own kingdom, where surrounded by the ‘information’ walls and ‘social networks’ walls.

In conclusion, the Internet provides us the convenient and new experience, but takes away the feeling of love and interaction in ‘real’ life. It’s ‘a double-edged sword’. We should be careful and use the Internet wisely in order to avoid the harm and take advantages of the Internet for our interesting life!


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2 thoughts on “Is the Internet or we isolating ourselves?

  1. I think only the case of Internet addicts can lead to the serious consequences like isolation. If you get addicted to it, then not only isolation, but also depression, insomnia, or illusion can arise. However, the born of the Internet did create more threats for people than we can imagine, and I agree with this part.


  2. Hi Ngoc, it is nice to read about the topic I always think about in my mind. If I can say, I really hate the way people communicate with each other in the digital age. I hate the moment old friends are sitting together at the coffee shop and still hanging their smart phone on their hand to surfing facebook, commenting, chatting. However, I think that the Internet is invented with good purpose, but the way people who over-use and addict to Internet is very harmful. I think that you should also focus on more example to make your blog interesting and practicing.


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